Line-up takes shape for inaugural Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society Conference in New Orleans

The 2018 Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society Conference will take place in New Orleans on February 2/3. The conference will bring together experts inĀ  ethics, philosophy, law, economics, sociology, history and politics from around the world, to discuss the impact of AI on society in fields including workplace displacement, data handling and bias, and value alignment.

This cross disciplinary approach is increasingly recognised as the only meaningful way to align human values with AI development.

Established by the AAAI and ACM, 2018 is the first year of the conference and it reflects the growing urgency within the research community to get to grips with the ethical implications of rapid AI development.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Mathieu D’Aquin from the Magna Carta for Data project has been selected to present at the conference, on the subject of ethics-by-design. More to follow…


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