Draft Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI

The High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG) has for objective to support the implementation of the European strategy on Artificial Intelligence. This includes the elaboration of recommendations on future-related policy development and on ethical, legal and societal issues related to AI, including socio-economic challenges. It is therefore not surprising that amongst the first publications planned by the group is a set of guidelines for ethics in AI. The draft published recently is open for comments until the 1st of February, and sets itself to define the principles and mechamisms by which AI developpers can:

  1. ensure AI’s ethical purpose, by setting out the fundamental rights, principles and values that it should comply with,
  2. realiseTrustworthy AI, tackling both ethical purpose and technical robustness, and
  3. operationalise and assess Trustworthy AI.

Those guidances are very welcome in a climate of increasing uncertainty on the potential ethical implications of AI, and the increasing demand on AI developers and researchers to tackle those implications in the design and realisations of those projects.

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